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Dermal Rollers

Pre-requisite - Level 3 Facial Electrical QualificationIcon of clock1 day course

How cost effective is the Dermal Roller Treatment to introduce versus it's benefits?
Dermal Roller is the most effective and profitable skin treatment introduced in the beauty industry in the last 5 years. It is the only treatment that can generate huge revenue and very cheap to carry out. Dermal rollers can deliver results that can surpass expensive Laser machines and gives results without any risks of complications.

Many clients in their thirties and forties are looking to enhance their looks naturally and without going for the knife. Dermal Rollers is excellent for effectively treating fine lines, pigmentation, open pores, stretch marks, acne scarring, chicken pox scars and post-surgical scars.

What is a Dermal Roller treatment procedure?
The area to be treated is numbed with emla for 20 minutes and cleaned with antiseptic solution. A retinol serum is applied to the skin and the Derma Roller is rolled over the treatment area until the end points of pin-point bleeding, redness and mild swelling are reached. Typically a treatment session will last 1 hour 15mins. At the end of the rollering the area is cooled with chilled water and red alert serum and a post treatment soothing cream and sun block are applied.

Is the Dermal Roller treatment easy to do and is it painful for the client?
Dermal roller treatment is very easy for the therapist to do, with proper training. The client has some discomfort, most clients say that is uncomfortable however bearable. The skin is numbed with emla and cooled with chilled compresses after the treatment.

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Cosmetic Procedure Courses

Mesotherapy using the Mesogun and Vitamins

Pre-requisite – Dermal Roller CourseIcon of clock1 day course

How does the Mesotheraphy work and how does it defer from Dermal rollers?
Mesotherapy works in the similar way to the Dermal Rollers, it uses an electrical mesopen, which is more targeted, hence very effective for skin conditions such as acne scarring, wrinkles, stretch marks. The Mesogun penetrates the needles deeper in the skin, specifically targeting the skin concern. Although the results with mesotherapy is far superior than the dermal rollers, we recommend a therapist to train with Dermal rollers first and then progress onto Mesotheraphy once they are experienced and confident skin needling.

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