Photo of the Prana Spa team

Prana Academy Ethos

healinghands has gained the reputation of delivering beauty and aesthetic treatments with the healing energy and the business has a spiritual ethos that is rare in the beauty industry.

This unique synergy is what our students intuitively come to us for.

Our director Daksha's 20 years of training experience, business acumen and spiritual awareness has enabled us to provide a training package that is unrivalled in the Beauty Industry today.

We will touch your soul with our healing energy, passion and spiritual environment. Being in this environment will open you up to explore your inner needs and evaluate your life purpose.

We know that many of our students come to us for training on a soul level and share the same journey as us. We aim to offer you the best expertise available in the industry, whether it is about helping our students to decide which course would be best for them or helping them to find a job, or set up their own business.

We have created a training venue within a real spa setting and ensure that our students have commercial  awareness which will make them employable and confident once they leave us.

When compared with industry-leading training schools, we know we offer something quite special and unique.